The online styling and personal style consultancy course held by Türkü Sahin covers a broad area from costume and fashion history to the use of historical references in contemporary styling projects.
The first three weeks will focus on the notion of clothing as a communication tool , a brief summary of costume history and styling in different decades of the 20th century.
Styling in fashion journalism , color theory and psychology , analysis of body types will be examined subsequently.As a preparation for their new career in the industry students will create their own styling project as a final assignment and get their certificate accordingly.

Total Hours: 20
June -July
Instructor: Türkü Şahin

10X2 20 HOURS

  1. Clothing as a communication tool and an introduction to styling
  2. Differences between costume and fashion design, a brief summary of costume history and use of
    historical references in contemporary styling projects. Positive and negatife effects of the
    historical references in different cultures and eras, the role of culture and human perception in
    criticizing styles.
  3. History of styling and decoration of the body through different decades of the 20th Century.
  4. Contemporary fashion concepts and trends, their application to styling projects
  5. Styling in fashion magazines, creating the right style regarding different brand identities and
    customer profiles.
  6. Color theory, history and psychology of color. Examples of brands like Prada, Fendi and Kenzo
    where color is used professionally as part of the brand identity.
  7. Introduction to body types, correct and incorrect uses of clothing in specific body proportions
    and body types
  8. Preparation of the mood board and the last practices before the final project
  9. Student projects
  10. Student projects


Türkü Şahin

Graduated from Sankt Georg Austrian Highschool Istanbul in 2004. The same year she entered Fashion Institute of Technology / Istanbul Technical University’s dual degree fashion design program and graduated in 2008. After having worked in New York for a year, she came back to Istanbul. Having worked in the market for a couple of years as a designer, she opened a new class on fashion criticism in Yeditepe University’s fashion and textile design department. Among other content of her academic classes are history of industrial design, design anthropology, fashion at the interdisciplinary crossroads and design psychology. In 2019 Şahin graduated from Istanbul Technical University’s history of art department with her thesis focusing on the contribution of psychoanalysis on fashion criticism. Şahin is attending national and international design weeks and biennials both as a designer and speaker, parallely she is working as a personal style consultant and giving academic support to textile companies developing collections and trend forecasting.

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