On Wednesday, June 28th, the Burgo Fashion Institute’s end-of-year fashion show returns: as every year, at The Beach in Milan, dresses made entirely by our students from all Italian and international schools will be on the runway.

This year’s collection is based on the concept of “Timeless”. Nature, being alive, like the hands of a clock, is constantly changing, but it is also timeless: the art, elegance and beauty it conveys to us, despite the events related to the atmosphere and pollution, are timeless. Natural details influence art and fashion giving us an enveloping visionary feeling.

This collection reflects the scenery of nature in its special dimension that, despite social, environmental and world changes around us adapts to trends while preserving the innate elegance and refinement over time.

Natural colors, embroideries that evoke the parallel world, manipulations that mimic the freshness of waterfalls and the wonderful irregularity of rocks and earth, create a bond with elegance that nourishes our inner seed.